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 Canvas Paint n Party Shop in Helena, Montana.

Please Join us at our NEW location at 

Cottonwood Corner at 625D Barney Street(Click address for MAP)

(off McHugh & Custer next to Mountain Ranch House Pizza Restaurant) 

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*SHOP HOURS: Tuesday- Saturday 1:00-9:00.    Daily Hours will be posted on the CALENDAR of events, & Facebook Business page. Please double check for last minute changes or cancellations. 
DAILY OPEN Paint: (Independent painting) $3o for up to 2 hours. $15 for one hour. *$10 Per hour: KIDS, Military with ID, Senior 65 + with ID. One Canvas Per person/Sitting.  
FAQ: Do I need to pre-register? No Registration Required, Drop in! 
FAQ: Can I come and OPEN PAINT during other Private Parties? NO, please come during OPEN Paint times in the calendar; not during KIDS Private parties, ADULT paint n Sips, or any Team-Building events.  I cannot give you directions or help if I am hosting a Private Party.
FAQ:  Do I need any experience with painting? NO! Beginners, seniors 65+, special-abled & children are invited to paint.
FAQ: Do I have to create my own Scene? Nope! We have 400+ scenes for you to choose from.
FAQ: I won't get out of work until 7:50 pm, can I still  paint tonight? Our last seating is at 8:00 pm, and we close at 9:00 pm.
FAQ: What if I get stuck and I don't know what to paint next? Lucy Davis, owner is will answer questions, or give you constructive feedback!
FAQ: Lucy says my painting is awesome, but I think it stinks! Your painting is Awesome & Unique because YOU created it! Your art won't look like anyone else's - that's great! You're an Artist!
FAQ: My Schedule is too full to come on a Friday or Saturday night? What can I do? You can come on week nights for OPEN PAINT with a friend or the kids! You can have a quiet date night too!
 FAQ: My mom is 66 and doesn't really like to drive at night, but she needs to get out & mingle some more, can she drop in to paint? She SURE can!! We are open on the weekdays Tuesday through Fridays, 1:00. It's quiet when children are in school. It's only $10 for ONE hour of painting! She might even get to "Paint with Pips!"
 FAQ: My child has autism, and I read about ART THERAPY, can I bring him in to paint? Yes please do. We welcome all abilities, and with some information from you, are happy to accommodate your child's needs as best we can. We ask that you plan to stay and supervise, but we would like to be a part of the experience!
FAQ: Can I drop my 3rd grader off to paint while I go to coffee? Sadly, No. I cannot have children dropped off without parental supervision, due to legal liabilities. Please plan to stay and paint your own canvas, while your child creates, & make a memory together!
FAQ: I think my middle schooler would love to paint but feels like it's not a cool activity? Drop in with your teen and show them around - you may have just found a new activity for them! Lucy has two teens and has worked for 7 years at Warren School, here in Helena, as well as 4 years owning Canvas Paint n Party! We're pretty HIP once you get to know us! (as long as we don't use words like HIP or Groovy!)
FAQ: Where Can I see the scenes to Paint? You can view them, on the website, Facebook, or Instagram before you come in OR bring in your own idea from Pinterest.

*Adult Paint n Sip Parties: (Full Instruction)  $40 per person: two hour Paint Party.

FAQ: Do I need to register before the Party? On-line Registration is REQUIRED for night time events.

FAQ: How do I register? It's Easy! Click in to the calendar & find the date you want to paint; if you like that scene, you click on it and it will open the registration page. Then you choose how many seats & enter your debit/credit card information. You WILL receive a confirmation Email. 

FAQ: How many people can the Paint n Party Shop hold?  There is seating  for 30 people.  

FAQ: Do I need to bring anything? All Supplies are included: paint, brushes, ONE canvas, palette, easel, and apron. 

FAQ: Can I bring food?  Yes, please bring food, cake, appetizers or wine (After 6pm, 21 & over) to the session. The Shop has wine glasses & opener. I usually provide homemade cookies or treats.

FAQ: Can I get drunk with my friends? NO, Paint n Party asks that you please DRINK responsibly, and be of LEGAL (21) drinking age, for legal and liability reasons. One glass of wine is the recommended amount per person. 

FAQ: Can I bring wine to an ALL AGES Party? Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at events which children attend.

FAQ: What kind of paint are we using? Water-based Acrylic paint which DOES stain clothes.

FAQ: Is this a Class? This is NOT a Class... no experience needed! Paint once or get hooked and paint more often! 

FAQ: Should I be nervous to paint since I haven't painted since middle school? Please don't take this Party too seriously - Bring a friend and join us in the shop to sing, paint, sip & Laugh!

FAQ: When are full instruction ADULT Paint n Sip Parties? They are always held on Friday & Saturday Nights, from 6:00-8:00 pm. Please show up 10 minutes early to Sign-in, find a seat & an apron! Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Nights there will be special events such as REEFIE Fish Sculptures or Wine Glass Painting.

FAQ: What if I arrive late to the party? Please join us and we will do our best to get you caught up, but keep in mind our end time of 8:00 pm... we tend to go a little over, but 8:00 is still our goal.

FAQ: How do I know which scene is being painted? The calendar will show the date, time and Scene we are painting.

FAQ: How do I know if the Paint n Sip Party is already full? The Calendar will read SOLD OUT, and it will not let you register.

FAQ: When can I take my painting home? You will always take your painting home the same night of the party, so you can share it with your kids, spouse, parents & co-workers!

Adult *PRIVATE* Parties: (Full Instruction) Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Nights from 6:00-8:00 pm.  $40 per person: two hour Paint Party.

FAQ: How many people can the Paint n Party Shop hold?  There is seating  for 30 people. 

FAQ: Can I reserve a private party? An on-line reservation and payment for 10 seats is due the day you book the party, which is $400. ONE payment for the deposit must be made to reserve the time, within 24 hours of planning.

FAQ: I only have a group of 5 from work, can we still reserve a private party? These parties are for larger groups & businesses. We recommend the Friday & Saturday Paint n Sip parties for smaller groups.

FAQ: What if I have a group of 25 that wants to reserve a Bachelorette Party? An on-line reservation and payment for 10 seats is due the day you book the party, which is $400. ONE payment for the deposit must be made ON-LINE to reserve the time. Please let me know the details. Once 10 spots are reserved, the rest of your guests can register individually. It is up to you to collect money for the first 10 people, since you will have paid Paint n Party in one payment. 

FAQ: Is there a discount for larger groups? Sorry, no, at this time, the rate is $40 per person. 

FAQ: We have a larger group and would like to host the event at our office, can you accommodate that? Currently, I will be the only person hosting parties at the shop, so I am unable to travel. Please ask though! Pricing would be $45 per person, and a $25 travel fee.

FAQ: I need my family party of 8 to be on a Friday Night, can you help me? I am always happy to discuss your party, and hope that I can accommodate your event. Please keep in mind though, I need a full party to keep my little business afloat, so I simply cannot close the doors for small groups on Friday & Saturday Nights. What I can do, is introduce your family to my fabulous customers- making your party even bigger & better!

Thank you for your Support Helena, East Helena, Clancy, & Boulder families & businesses! I couldn't do it without you!

PRIVATE Children's Birthday PARTIES: $30 per painter, two hour party.

(Full Instruction)

Thank you for asking about our Private kid’s parties!!

FAQ: How do I reserve a birthday party for my child? Please go to the Calendar and see if the date you would like is available. If there is a “BOOK IT for Kids Birthday Parties” posting, you can pay the deposit, $180 for 6 kids, which will HOLD this TWO HOUR party time for you. 

FAQ: I paid for 6 kids, what if I want to paint or more children show up? Any Additional painters are $30 each, due during the party. 

FAQ: When are children's parties usually held? Our most popular time is Saturday from 2:00-4:00 pm. We can host on some week nights too, please check the calendar. We are closed Sundays & Mondays. 

FAQ: I think my child is the wrong age for a Paint Party! If your child loves art - they will probably love this type of a party! We have hosted 1 year old Smash Cake Parties through TEEN paint parties! It really depends on Your Child!

FAQ: Can my child pick the scene to paint? YES! you can look on-line or come by the shop and look through the canvases.

FAQ: What can we bring for treats? You’re welcome to bring cake, cupcakes, treats, pop, juice boxes etc. for them to enjoy during the party. 

FAQ: Should the kids bring their own aprons or paint shirts? We will provide easels, aprons, paint, brushes, & extra paper products if you need them and one canvas per painter. 

FAQ: How do our guests FIND your shop? Please let your guests know Canvas Paint n Party Shop is located off Custer & McHugh in the new **Cottonwood Corner Shops,**near GYMTRIX, ALLEGRO, Helena Athletics Center & Mountain Ranch House PIZZA! 625 Barney Street... 

FAQ: Do I need to give out goody bags? They will take their masterpiece home after the party, which means you can skip goody bags if you want!

FAQ: Can we get a picture of all the birthday kids? I will take a group photo of the artists with their painting to post on the Canvas Paint n Party Shop pages (Facebook & Instagram.) You can take all the photos you would like! 

FAQ: Do I need to bring music? I always play PANDORA Disney Music for younger children, otherwise, the kids can make a request for music. 

FAQ: What if the kids get loud & excited? It's a PARTY! We encourage laughter, singing & story telling. Kids will be reminded that running or rude language is NOT acceptable, then we go back to the party!

FAQ: Is there GLITTER? YES!! We have glitter PAINT, which is not messy, like you remember from kindergarten! 

FAQ: MY child's painting doesn't look like the demonstrators!! Can I fix it? Mom/Dad/Gramma - as much as you want YOUR turn at the easel, you need to let the children paint their own scenes! (I will not paint on theirs either!) .. They are beginners, so their scene will not look like the demonstrators scene (30 years of experience!) The only way they will improve is by doing it 100% themselves! **Side Note: see the Calendar for awesome ADULT Paint n Sip EVENTS for YOU!**

FAQ: Will there be time for opening presents? We usually start painting, then take a break to let them dry and the kids can have treats... Then, we finish painting. While the canvases dry, you can manage the present opening. This gives us about 5 minutes to take a group photo before Parents arrive for pick up!

FAQ: Can the parents stay at the party? We love to have parents stay to chat with the host parents, but please keep in mind the children need to SEE & HEAR the demonstrator for color mixing & directions. 

FAQ: What if our party goes past 4:00 pm? It's A PARTY! We always go a little over our time limit, but keep in mind, there is usually another party that night which I need to prepare for. I hate to be a party pooper!

FAQ: Will the children take their masterpieces home that day? YES!!! The kids love taking their painting home that day to show mom, dad or big brother! 

Thank you for contacting Canvas Paint n Party, we look forward to making your child’s party memorable. 

Lucy Davis, owner, Painting Demonstrator, Children's book Author/Illustrator.

Locally Owned & Operated Since 2013!

Canvas Paint n Party Shop, Cottonwood Corner, 

625 Barney Ave., Suite D.

Helena, MT 59602

EMAIL: paintnpartyMT@yahoo.com

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